Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday~March 16th

So this is somewhere I will never be again. Just looking through some pics on my big puter. So feelin' kinda crudy today, Dont know why its my day off. And its almost 60. Probably cuz I didnt get to much sleep last nite. So Donna lets hear it about your first nite at the biggest loser. Tell all girl, Are they going to tell you what to eat? Well let us know.Curious minds want to know........ LOL. Oh yea and another thing, that was to funny about the gift card between the matresses. So which one of you hid it so well??? Well 3 years down the road you had a blessing, You got to go out to eat! LOL again!So Matts car still not ready, They said should be Thursday now. Now they said it needs a started, I think they are milking the Ins. Co, So he called his boss yet again but she said just let her no. Whew, He thought she might have said forget it this time. Ok then now its someones elses turn, Shawna, what happened to you????? Love you all


  1. Makes me homesick too.. I recognize the spot immediately
    I love that lake and I know you did too. I never thought I would ever really leave it. I guess this was the only way the Lord would have ever got me to finally leave it.
    I am happier here, much happier. I used to cry and say "why Lord do you want me in the desert, you know I love the water and trees, the green." But I did go where I felt he sent me and really am so happy for it. Goes to show, ya never loved the photo Deb

  2. Hi!
    Just to let you know, I changed the name to my blog and my mom had to put it in as a blog she wants to follow again. I didn't change the address:
    but for whatever reason it was no longer in her list. Have a great day!