Saturday, February 28, 2009


Saturday Morning

On the big puter and found this pic, These are my two favorite gals. Just think a few more weeks and we'll be together, Cant wait. So thinking about starting on the S, Beach again today, The sun is shining but its pretty cold. Wow Shawna Ive been looking at a lot of Blogs that stemmed from one on yours. I think its Jim something. But all his blogs are from dieters. Pretty cool. Anyway will update later. Will be calling you later when I get a chance.. Have a great day all!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hey there buddies, So I have been doing terrible, have to get a hold of this, before it gets a hold of me. Matthew suprised us Thurs by walking in the door. He is here for a week. He brought a girl with him but is not his girlfriend although I wish it was. She is very nice and I really like her. So last nite I made a big bunch of fatitas and beans and chips & salsa, Another friend of his came over and we had a nice time before they took off to go do more visiting. But I ate 3 of those buggers plus beans. But yesterday was Sue's (my boss) bithday so Yes I had a piece of cake. Not to big though. So Frank has to work tonite and Matt says we should go out to dinner. So here we go again. I didnt even weigh in yesterday, will wait till next Friday. So ok then. Off to start some laundry, Matt brought home a mountain of dirty cloths, I mean bags & boxes, I said dont you do laundry there???? He said he would do it but you know us Moms. They are sleeping cause they were out so late. Oh yea Shawna remember Rog's old bed and how you said it was terrible with that extra Mattress on there, Well after the first couple of nites I asked Kelsey if she was sleeping alright and mentioned to her that we could take that other Mattress off, so she said ok, so must have been bad. I told Matt he should have gave her his room but he said no way, thats all he could think about is sleeping in his bed again. LOL I was texting to Rog last nite, Matt was giving me some pointers. I told Rog I could go to Aprils wedding with him as his date, he wrote back and said LOL MOM thats the funniest thing I ever heard you say> Well....... Have a great day, And come on people lets get on track!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hello all, Hows everyone doing? Havent wrote in awhile. Glad you hear your in your new home Donna, How do you like it. I woke up this morning thinking Oh my word, they will not have their phone # that they had forever.. Are you guys going to get a land line or just use your cells? So Shawna, did you get your First magazine today? How was the puppet show? Shelby have a good time? So we got up this morning and Frank and I tackled the house and was done by noon. So that was good. Still working on some laundry, and thinking about what to have for dinner. Probably a chicken stirfry. Did have Pizza last nite. Ymmm good but have to do good today. Ok well you all have a great nite. Talk to you soon.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th?

What food do you crave the most? When do you crave it? Is it time for you to eat, or are you responding to being sad or depressed? These are important questions for you to consider when those gosh darn cravings sneak up.
Cravings are such a significant obstacle for so many people. The good news is... you can learn to change the way you respond to the forces and factors that trigger cravings.
Factors include the people, places, emotions, and events that cause us to experience cravings. We have developed a conditioned response over time to use food as an emotional support, and as a "fix it" tool. The problem is that eating something does not change the emotion, nor does it change the situation.
What does need to change is the way you respond to these same situations when trying to change that conditioned response. It is important to consider some of your own personal conditioned responses. I want you to make a list of some of these. Once you have created this list, review each one and create a changed behavior for that situation. The idea of thinking about this ahead of time is critical. This way, when you are faced with a conditioned response situation, you will already have identified what you are going to do as your new behavior.
I'll share one of mine with you to get the ball rolling:
When I go shopping at the mall, I can smell the cookies being baked at the local cookie shop. My conditioned response is to walk over, thinking that I am just going to take in the great smell...but then I buy a cookie. Because I know this is a difficult situation for me, I now plan before I go shopping at the mall. I make sure that I have eaten my meal before I go. I bring a protein snack with me so that if I am tempted, I have my protein snack instead.
If I didn't plan ahead for facing the aroma of the cookie shop, I would likely be munching on a cookie fairly quickly. Thinking these situations through in advance can really help you learn to create a new response for an old behavior.
Today's Affirmation: I am only hungry when my body needs nourishment.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I made the best stirfry tonite. It was so good. I put chicken in it and the dressing was the terriaki sauce & marinade the your brought here Shawna. From Rodgers work. Tell him to keep up the good work there. LOL. And if he happens to bring more of that home, save me a bottle would ya. I did better today, even got my water in. Been having trouble getting all my water down, I dont know why Im still feeling so dragged out. Im eating right and exercised today and feel tired. Probably this menapausal thing. Ok you all have a good nite. Shawna you have to quit parting so much and get back on your puter. You know what I mean, Vern??????


Hi, So I just got done doing the mile walk with Leslie Sansone. Thought I'd try that on my days off. Hmm I sent each of you that site through them. I will copy it and send it to you in email. I know its been hard on you guys but its almost there. I wont be able to come as I have to be at work at 7 again on Sunday. I really wish I could be there to help you guys out. Are there people from church that are going to help you with the big move? Iam praying for you guys and hope it will all be over soon. Hang in there!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well did you wonder where I've been? I guess I just took a break. But I'am backkkkkk. So Ive been doing my new calorieking thing, where I enter everything I eat and it adds the cals, carbs, etc. It is really cool I tell ya, I sent Shawna & Donna the site, Did you even bother to look at it, huh? did you???? Im telling you, its more then that, its a whole bunch of stuff, It does cost $9 a month but only 7 amonth if you pay 75 up front. Its worth it. According to them I can have up to 1400 cals a day. So we will see. So Poor Remy had his surgury today, Frank brought him home and we layed him on the couch and he just plopped. Been sleeping since 4:30. Poor baby. So ok well hope you all are doing well. Byeee

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hi guys, too tired to write tonite. Was at work very early this morning and have to be there at 7 am tomorrow for floors. Will try to catch up tomorrow nite. Have a good nite. Love yas

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well they must be having issues. Ive been trying for over an hour to put in a new background an it wont work. Errrrrrr Guess

I'll try tomorrow.

Great Thursday

Well Hello my fellow dieting buddies! Hows it going? Well I'll tell you how I did today, if I may. I had my morning cereal with blueberries, so good you need to try it. Then I just nibbled on my cheese & V-8 and crackers, but for supper I made pork chops and baked sweet potato & asparagus the way you told me Shawna, with the olive oil & sea salt. Let me tell you---- it was a very good dinner. And I walked twice today. And did some strength training too. And Im only up to 740 calories for the day. Tomorrow is weigh in day . Oh yea I almost forgot, my blood pressure is finally going back down too. So thats makes me happy. Oh and one more thing, this ones really great, Our district Rite Aids may go back to their old hours of 9-9 and on Sunday 10-6. That would be so awesome. Ive always said with this Petoskey being a resort town they should have summer & winter hours. So we should be hearing something about that soon. So ok then I think thats all so Have a very nice night. Make sure if you didnt, to check my replies back to you on my comments. Chow

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well here I am, just playing around with the webcam. Am I looking old or what. Ok now I really have to get off here. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here's another one

So here it is! I got it from the Library today. I love it and want one. Its got a lot of things in it that I want to try. Plus other good tips & stuff. Remy likes it too! Well since you have it Miss Shawna, this wont interest you!!! Sorry I had to go but I couldnt hear you with this crazy dog. Ok well I'll chat with yous tomorrow. Have a good nite! Oh yea, those crackers are good. I guess they taste kinda like dried tomatos.

Its Tuesday!!!!!

Well Hello all, This was my breakfast this morning and I gotta tell you, it was I think the best bowl of cereal Ive ever had. Ive never been crazy about fresh Blueberries but they were really good. It was plain shredded wheat with a little splenda. Ymmm is was good. I cant wait for tomorrow morning. Sorry Shawna, I'm sure it doesnt look good to you. Frank saw me taking the picture and said ok Shawna. LOL So where you at Donna???? Ok I'm now going to take a pic of another book!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Monday

So Hello again, How do you like this guy? He's kinda ugly! So had a pretty good day, Work went quick, then stopped and got a couple of things at the store. Had to get me some V-8 . Top 10 things you need to eat every day according to my book and one is tomatoes or he said V-8 or tomato juice too. I know, but dont know how or why drinking the V-8 helps me lose but I drank it everyday when I lost the last 25 lbs. So Im going to start again, Today! So did you have a good time looking at your new home Donna? Thats pretty exciting. Shawna you get better quick! I miss seeing you on here. Okee Dokey, Off to find me something to eat..... A fruit of course!!!!

Monday Evening

Hey have you guys seen these? They are pretty good. Only 90 cals for 17 of them, or 120 for 24. I didnt even no they made them. Give em' a try!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well ok then!

Good Morning! Well I feel better now, I dropped those 2 lbs again. I stayed under my 1200 cals so that was good. I think this will help alot. I keep reading how important it is to keep track where you see what your eating and I think that is probably true. You guys have to get that book Eat This, Not That. I was reading it last nite and I just love it. It is going to be so helpful. You will be amazed at some of the things in there. Frank was reading his book and I kept bugging him saying listen to this... So how are you guys feeling today Shawna? Is the worst over? Has it went to Troy & Rog yet? I hope you guys are feeling better. How about you Donna? Hows the pain. It was really good talking to you last nite. Well I hope you all have a better day. See ya!