Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hello all, Hows everyone doing? Havent wrote in awhile. Glad you hear your in your new home Donna, How do you like it. I woke up this morning thinking Oh my word, they will not have their phone # that they had forever.. Are you guys going to get a land line or just use your cells? So Shawna, did you get your First magazine today? How was the puppet show? Shelby have a good time? So we got up this morning and Frank and I tackled the house and was done by noon. So that was good. Still working on some laundry, and thinking about what to have for dinner. Probably a chicken stirfry. Did have Pizza last nite. Ymmm good but have to do good today. Ok well you all have a great nite. Talk to you soon.

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  1. Hi good to see u posting again..We still have lots and lots to unpack sure does not seem a week already has gone by.. Need to try and help your brother find a toaster, Boxes are labled but it was such a confusion with all those men, everthing went every wear