Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here's another one

So here it is! I got it from the Library today. I love it and want one. Its got a lot of things in it that I want to try. Plus other good tips & stuff. Remy likes it too! Well since you have it Miss Shawna, this wont interest you!!! Sorry I had to go but I couldnt hear you with this crazy dog. Ok well I'll chat with yous tomorrow. Have a good nite! Oh yea, those crackers are good. I guess they taste kinda like dried tomatos.


  1. Hi Debi
    I am sorry I didn't get back with u, We have been going and trying to pack and I am in such pain all the time, If it is not one thing it is something else... and my side is still hurting too. We did get the keys Monday. We was there for a little bit then left, it was a big tease. But at least it is only a couple more of weeks. Tawnya got the book for me in Meijer, Walmart didn't have it it was $18;99. (Eat this, Not that)but still have not got to look at it yet. I have been going to tell u, u are getting to be quite the computer geek, your getting good, O ya, I Now own a white puter, I am going to phoo phoo it up with pink roses and stuff.It is a Sony, I was giving up on pink puter and Tawnya called office depot and they said those pink ones are gone and won't be around for a long time, so they had white ones at office max. I love the way the keys type and are set up.... All your food looks good.. Take Care. Miss and love u, Donna

  2. Ooh a white puter, cool, Yea I never thought of that, decorating it up. You mean with stickers right? Yea I learning a little more on puter but thats because of you guys & Shawna. And I try things and think wow, I didnt know that! Shawna still feeling like crap. It was defeniatly more that the 24 hour bug. All of them got it. Yesterday at work a lady I work with came in an said her grandaughter was at the hospital waiting to go in for emergencey surgery. For the gallbladder. She said she had be complaining on a pain going from her side to her back. Thats the pain I was talking about. I wish you would go get checked so it doesnt get infected and be worse. Plus you would feel better. Im praying for you and love you, Take care!