Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Morning

On the big puter and found this pic, These are my two favorite gals. Just think a few more weeks and we'll be together, Cant wait. So thinking about starting on the S, Beach again today, The sun is shining but its pretty cold. Wow Shawna Ive been looking at a lot of Blogs that stemmed from one on yours. I think its Jim something. But all his blogs are from dieters. Pretty cool. Anyway will update later. Will be calling you later when I get a chance.. Have a great day all!


  1. Oh I love that picture!

    I know I cant wait till you guys get here, I am sooo excited!!!

    I know I have a new follower and i got a comment from someone else who in not following but must be watching. pretty cool!

    Connie ( troys sister ) said she likes it and if i didnt mind she wanted to show it to her office. I said but of course!

    Well if you do whatever you did before you will do great!

  2. Very cool girl. I must say again & again, you have a way with things. Just remember your Mom when you strike it rich! LOL