Saturday, January 31, 2009

So here is what Im gonna do. Im still going to look into how many fats I should get. That just doesnt seem right. Ok well off to get dinner. Oh Shawna, I was afraid of Shelby getting it. I sure feel for you. Watch out
Troy & Rodger.

Ok Ok

So Ok Donna, Im going to let you off the hook, This is Shawna, When she was home last time, she found a site that let you put your face on all these different year hair doo's I think it had something to do with year books. You gave me a big laugh though Donna. So when your feeling better Shawna maybe you could send us that site so we can do ours. That would be fun. Oh yea this is the third entry for me today so make sure you scroll down and see my other ones. I hope Im not boring anyone. Byeeee

Another New Book

Peekaboo, here is the other book, they are not as big as they look, but big in info! Ok well Im going to sip on some 25 cal hot chocolate and make my forms for writing everything down for the day. So as Donna would say.....Ta Ta....

New Strategy

Hey guys, I went an got this book, I love it. Its got some great things in it. I also went and got the Biggest Losers Complete Calorie Counter. The reason being......I gained 2 lbs this week. I did lose 1 1/2 in. on my belly and 1/2 in. on my hips but I dont like that about the 2 lbs. It could be because when starting to exercise you gain muscle. Thats what I want to think. Not that it could be the guacamole that I made the other nite and ended up eating it all. Found out with my handy dandy new book that I had over 700 cals in just that. Then last nite we caved and had pizza. I had a big salad with it though so come on give my some credit.LOL So thats why Im going to count cals. Its really cool cause now I know just how many cals, carbs & fats I can have each day. And I noticed that now I'm very cautious of what I eat. You look first before you eat. I just had for lunch 2 halves of Clausen Pickels which was only 10 cals and 2 peices of that thin turkey wrapped around. It was very good. Anyway Im having 1200 cals, and I get 540 carbs & 300 fats a day. Doesnt that sound like alot of fats? But thats what 25% of 1200 would be. hmmm Do you remeber how many fats we got when we counted them Shawna? Well let me know what you guys think. See ya

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well I'm just sitting here relaxing, Frank working nights again, so I just ate left over chicken & salad, Made me some guacamoli, I Love it. Got some of those baked chips and are very good. You can eat 14 of them. So now I'm going to change my layout on myspace and then read for a while. By then it will be bed time. So have a good nite all. See you again tomorrow!

Does anyone know who this is???? She looks familiar, but I just cant place her. It looks like it was taken back in the 60's. Tell me who she is ....Pleaseeeeee

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tues. Night

So today was not to bad, had a pretty good day at work, came home and made some fish and a sweet potato. And some spinach. I dont know why I dont eat it more, I love it. Frank wont eat it so I end up eating the whole can. Oh well at least its good for you! Hey check it out, I added a pic. Anyway its way to cold hear, I dont think it made it over O today. So the Library didnt have the Biggest Loser book so they are ordering me one from another Library. So I have to wait....... So the second part of Oprah was very good also. Dr. Oz was on there and had some good things to say, as always. Also that guy that has that book, (Eat this, Instead of That) I think I want that book too. Oh yea Shawna that fish I made tonite was the reciepe from that one site you sent me. Frank really liked it too. It was very yummy. Ok all have a good nite. Hey Mryna, looks like a great hang out spot you have.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Hey did any of you watch Oprah today. I taped it and watched it tonight. Oh my word I bawled my eyes out. It was about overweight teens and how they feel. Tomorrow is going to be very good. Dr. Oz shows us what we are really eating at fast food places plus a whole lot more. Chow

Monday Evening

So I got the laundry done and cleaned my kitchen real well and changed it all around. Now I have the lights on that you like Shawna and it looks all nice and cozy. So I got really , really hungry so I started looking around for something cause when Frank is working I dont make a meal although I need to start thinking about that so I dont blow it.. So I did find some precooked fahita (ms) chicken that I didnt know I had so I cooked some of that with some onions with it and had some soft shells & cheese. It was very good. I didnt know that the 130 cals in the tortia shells were for 2. I always thought if was for one. So thats pretty cool. Well going to go looking for some things so Nitey Nite.

Monday~My day off.......Yea

Well today is my day off, so I've had my oatmeat, did my walking, took Remy for a walk to the end of our road , and got Frank off to work. So now I need to start cleaning but thought I'd write on here first. Got a little booklet from work last nite on the Biggest Loser. Its pretty interesting. Its got some recepies that look pretty good in it. Frank is going to the Library tomorrow so I asked him to see if they have the BL cook book. Plus Im going to make me a log where I can make copies of it and every day check off if Idrank my water, had my fruits & veggies and proteins and so on. Been wanting to do this for awhile. Oh yea and if I did my walking. I heard John Tesh last nite say some mistakes you make when you are working out. One is that you shouldn't do the same exercise all the time cause your body will get used to it and stop burning cals. He said like if your walking on a Treadmill do it for 3 weeks then do something else. So I thought I should get the Trampoline out and do that every so often. Ok then, well its cold out but the sun is shinning so thats nice. Have a great day. And probably see you again later.! Bye

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Continuing on..........

Hmmmmm, so I froze up and I thought I would have to start all over but I figured it out! So as I was saying, I figured the scanner out so now I will scan some things as send them out. Ok so you all have a great day, Byeee for now.

Saturday Morning, Weigh in Day~~~~

Good Morning all! Well I figured it out Shawna, Thanks so much! So theres my deep blue layout again LOL So I didnt get on yesterday as I worked then we went to pick up Remy. Hes doing very well and seems to have chilled out. He whines every now and then cuz I think hes looking for the other dogs. He is now raising his leg to potty instead of squatting. LOL. This Deb that had him said when he wants to go out, he will jump up and tap your leg with his paws and sure enough whenever he does that we put him out and he goes. Amazing. So we will see. So now about the weigh in. Well I did lose 5 lbs. Im pretty happy with that. Last nite it was getting late so we just stopped at Taco Bell and I got 2 bean burritos. Wonder if I didnt eat them if I would have lost another lb? So how are you all doing? Im going to play on puter a little then to walk. Oh yea Shawna, remember how I was having a problem with my scanner? Well after all this time that I didnt think it worked, all it was

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home Again

So we are back home again. We went to Kohls and found Franks great grandbaby a outfit and a blankie. Then stopped at Mabels as we were both starving. I thought as I was walking in "Ok Debi you can do this" This is one of my downfalls, going out to eat. So I finally did it. I stayed in control. You know that feels so good. I had grilled chicken breast smothered with musrooms(which I love and cant get enough of) and a salad and steamed zuccini and summer squash. It was soooooo good. They brought a little loaf of bread and I had to small pieces of that but thats the only carbs Im going to have today. So Iam pretty pleased. Im really having trouble getting a background layout from somewhere else and making it work, Its starting to drive me crazy. So help somebody!!!!! Ok tonite I will have some fruit and pistaschios as they are mufas and you need mufa everyday. Going to go walking as I only did about 15 this morning. See ya all

Getting Ready

So just been sitting here relaxing while Frank went for his appointment. Getting ready to go exercise in the fitness room. I went down when Frank was leaving and grabbed some more coffee and they had all these sweetrolls and biscuits & gravy. I just looked it over and went to look at the fitness room. It has 2 treadmills and two bikes and a couple of weight things. So I'm getting ready to go now. Ok hear goes!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Beautiful Traverse City...........

Hello all, just wanted to stop by for the night to see how everyone is doing. Had a good day, ate healthy at work then got here to TC and found out they have a resturant attached and you could order from your room. So of course thats what we did. Ymmm everything looked good and Frank told me he was haveing a BBQ sandwich so I seen a turkey melt so I had that and a salad that was huge. It came with frys and I only ate a couple of them and told Frank to eat the rest. So it was very good and Im so happy that I didnt do worse. The sandwich had a lot of turkey and tom. & lettuce on it so I dont think it was to bad. So in the morning there is a delux breakfast so I hope Im strong. One good thing is they have an exercise room and Im going to try and go in the morning while Frank is at the Dentist. Ok getting kinda of sleepy so will talk to you tomorrow. Keep going everyone, Even if you slipped, just start from there. Love you all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Before Going Off To La La Land~~~~~~

So just wanted to tell you what I did tonight. Well Frank was working nights again, so I dont really make dinner when hes gone. I ususally eat well-junk, So when I got home from work I ate my soup and some cukes and wouldnt ya know it wasnt real long before I was hungry again. So I started looking through the cupboards and just between us ladies.....You know what you want when your aunt comes to visit you for the month. Yes chocolate, salty things.. Well I started to think like that, and then I saw the tuna. So I made tuna salad and put onions & celery and then wrapped it in Rommaine leaves. I have to tell you it was very good and it did the trick. So when I get done here I will eat my apple and off to bed. So Im thankful again for another good day. I hope you all had one as well. Goodnite. P.S. Oh yea for some stange reason while I was eating the tuna, I thought I think this would be good with green olives in it. Not sure but I will try it and let you know!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Good Day~

So today was pretty good, I stayed on my diet, did my workout on Treadmill so Im pretty happy. Also happy to hear Shawna that you went to Golden Coral and did so well. Very Good. Im very proud of you. I dont think I could have did it. Those Rolls, oh those rolls, snap out of it Debi. LOL. Got lost thinking there a minute. Frank worked tonite so I had a lean cuisine. It was shrimp & angel hair pasta, Very good. Then I had a nectarine and going to have an apple before I go to bed. Did any of you happen to see the Oprah show a couple of weeks ago when she had Dr. Oz on there. He had so much good info on there. I tivoed it and will one day sit and write this stuff down, then send you guys and email on it. Its that good. Ok you all, Hope you had a great day as well. See ya tomorrow!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New soup recipe

So here is a easy soup recipe that I have made for years when I was dieting. Its good to have on hand when you just want something or its good to have before you eat dinner. Italian Pasta Soup 2 cans chicken broth,1/2 cup of chopped onion, or I use the dehydrated ones. 1/2 tsp oregano, 1 can of chopped tomatoes, or I just used the Italian ones, 1 Tbsp parsley, and 1/4 cup small seashelled maccroni or I like to use that ozra cuz you can add more. 7 carbs 0 fat and only 45 calories. Give it a try. Oh and you can also add cabbage and I always ALWAYS add a can of mushrooms. I love it. I love that recipe site you sent me Shawna, there are alot of good ones on there and I going to start trying them. Ok then you all have a great nite.


Well I had a bit of a problem this morning but I think I have it now. So life is good once again.LOL Did my walking this morning, got a good workout, had my oatmeal and lost 3 lbs since yesterday, I know I know its just water but hey I will take it. Drank lost of water yesterday and did alot of running but I know that helped. Ok well hope your all doing well, I will write again later so I can get the hang of this. Just glad I didnt have to start my Blog over.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Day Of Blog

Ok so this is my first writing and I got to tell you Im kinda excited about it after reading yours Shawna, and Donna. Mine will probably be about my weight loss journey also cause thats what Im going to be focusing on for the next few months. Yes I need to lose some pounds but my main goal is to get my Blood Pressure & my chlorestrol down so I wont have to go on meds. So I with you Shawna, Donna, Tawnya & Sherry, lets pull together and help each other. I love you all and want to see you get healthy,wealthy & wise,LOL. So keep up the good work everyone, and if you have fallen, get back up, brush the dirt off and start again!!!