Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tues. Night

So today was not to bad, had a pretty good day at work, came home and made some fish and a sweet potato. And some spinach. I dont know why I dont eat it more, I love it. Frank wont eat it so I end up eating the whole can. Oh well at least its good for you! Hey check it out, I added a pic. Anyway its way to cold hear, I dont think it made it over O today. So the Library didnt have the Biggest Loser book so they are ordering me one from another Library. So I have to wait....... So the second part of Oprah was very good also. Dr. Oz was on there and had some good things to say, as always. Also that guy that has that book, (Eat this, Instead of That) I think I want that book too. Oh yea Shawna that fish I made tonite was the reciepe from that one site you sent me. Frank really liked it too. It was very yummy. Ok all have a good nite. Hey Mryna, looks like a great hang out spot you have.

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  1. oh that's good! I still have yet to make anything from there yet. I have that biggest loser cookbook. got some good stuff in there.