Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home Again

So we are back home again. We went to Kohls and found Franks great grandbaby a outfit and a blankie. Then stopped at Mabels as we were both starving. I thought as I was walking in "Ok Debi you can do this" This is one of my downfalls, going out to eat. So I finally did it. I stayed in control. You know that feels so good. I had grilled chicken breast smothered with musrooms(which I love and cant get enough of) and a salad and steamed zuccini and summer squash. It was soooooo good. They brought a little loaf of bread and I had to small pieces of that but thats the only carbs Im going to have today. So Iam pretty pleased. Im really having trouble getting a background layout from somewhere else and making it work, Its starting to drive me crazy. So help somebody!!!!! Ok tonite I will have some fruit and pistaschios as they are mufas and you need mufa everyday. Going to go walking as I only did about 15 this morning. See ya all


  1. Good for you doing awesome at the restaurant like that! Give yourself a big ole pat on the back!

    Glad you guys made it home to you soon!

  2. Ok mamma, I am going to walk you through on how to get a new layout........

    Step 1. go tho either one of these sites.. ( click on backgrounds to your left)

    or this one... ( background types on your right)

    Step 2. Once you find a layout you like click on it and copy the code given

    step 3. If you use cutest blog on the block one you can just copy and paste the code in a " add a gadget" HTML box, if you use the jelly pages one I think you have to select the basic layout ( that blogger gives you ) and then post their code in a "add a gadget" HTML box.

    step 4. read the instructions on these two websites, they will walk you though

    step 5. "add a gadget" is found under your customize.

    step 6. any issues just call me :)