Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Strategy

Hey guys, I went an got this book, I love it. Its got some great things in it. I also went and got the Biggest Losers Complete Calorie Counter. The reason being......I gained 2 lbs this week. I did lose 1 1/2 in. on my belly and 1/2 in. on my hips but I dont like that about the 2 lbs. It could be because when starting to exercise you gain muscle. Thats what I want to think. Not that it could be the guacamole that I made the other nite and ended up eating it all. Found out with my handy dandy new book that I had over 700 cals in just that. Then last nite we caved and had pizza. I had a big salad with it though so come on give my some credit.LOL So thats why Im going to count cals. Its really cool cause now I know just how many cals, carbs & fats I can have each day. And I noticed that now I'm very cautious of what I eat. You look first before you eat. I just had for lunch 2 halves of Clausen Pickels which was only 10 cals and 2 peices of that thin turkey wrapped around. It was very good. Anyway Im having 1200 cals, and I get 540 carbs & 300 fats a day. Doesnt that sound like alot of fats? But thats what 25% of 1200 would be. hmmm Do you remeber how many fats we got when we counted them Shawna? Well let me know what you guys think. See ya

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