Monday, January 19, 2009

A Good Day~

So today was pretty good, I stayed on my diet, did my workout on Treadmill so Im pretty happy. Also happy to hear Shawna that you went to Golden Coral and did so well. Very Good. Im very proud of you. I dont think I could have did it. Those Rolls, oh those rolls, snap out of it Debi. LOL. Got lost thinking there a minute. Frank worked tonite so I had a lean cuisine. It was shrimp & angel hair pasta, Very good. Then I had a nectarine and going to have an apple before I go to bed. Did any of you happen to see the Oprah show a couple of weeks ago when she had Dr. Oz on there. He had so much good info on there. I tivoed it and will one day sit and write this stuff down, then send you guys and email on it. Its that good. Ok you all, Hope you had a great day as well. See ya tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for ratting me out mom..LOL no I am going to do a tell all on my blog tomarrow.

    Sounds like your right on track! Keep it up!!

    love ya!