Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Morning, Weigh in Day~~~~

Good Morning all! Well I figured it out Shawna, Thanks so much! So theres my deep blue layout again LOL So I didnt get on yesterday as I worked then we went to pick up Remy. Hes doing very well and seems to have chilled out. He whines every now and then cuz I think hes looking for the other dogs. He is now raising his leg to potty instead of squatting. LOL. This Deb that had him said when he wants to go out, he will jump up and tap your leg with his paws and sure enough whenever he does that we put him out and he goes. Amazing. So we will see. So now about the weigh in. Well I did lose 5 lbs. Im pretty happy with that. Last nite it was getting late so we just stopped at Taco Bell and I got 2 bean burritos. Wonder if I didnt eat them if I would have lost another lb? So how are you all doing? Im going to play on puter a little then to walk. Oh yea Shawna, remember how I was having a problem with my scanner? Well after all this time that I didnt think it worked, all it was

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  1. Awesome on the 5 pounds!!! Keep it up! I bet you guys are glad to have Remy back. hope is a better doggie

    Glad you figured out the payout park, now if only A Donna could get her comments