Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Before Going Off To La La Land~~~~~~

So just wanted to tell you what I did tonight. Well Frank was working nights again, so I dont really make dinner when hes gone. I ususally eat well-junk, So when I got home from work I ate my soup and some cukes and wouldnt ya know it wasnt real long before I was hungry again. So I started looking through the cupboards and just between us ladies.....You know what you want when your aunt comes to visit you for the month. Yes chocolate, salty things.. Well I started to think like that, and then I saw the tuna. So I made tuna salad and put onions & celery and then wrapped it in Rommaine leaves. I have to tell you it was very good and it did the trick. So when I get done here I will eat my apple and off to bed. So Im thankful again for another good day. I hope you all had one as well. Goodnite. P.S. Oh yea for some stange reason while I was eating the tuna, I thought I think this would be good with green olives in it. Not sure but I will try it and let you know!


  1. LOL at your green olives..are you pregnant?..LOL

    Glad you had a great day!! Keep it up!

  2. Well, Do u like Green Olives, Like u use to like Black Olives? LOL Remember when Tawnya use to put one on each finger, Then eat it..LOL. Keep up the good work, I am proud of u Debi. Love u, Donna