Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting Ready

So just been sitting here relaxing while Frank went for his appointment. Getting ready to go exercise in the fitness room. I went down when Frank was leaving and grabbed some more coffee and they had all these sweetrolls and biscuits & gravy. I just looked it over and went to look at the fitness room. It has 2 treadmills and two bikes and a couple of weight things. So I'm getting ready to go now. Ok hear goes!


  1. Hi Debi~
    Sounds like your having fun, Arn't those little getaways neat, I love when we go, we don't go very much anymore.. It is nice when u can take your laptop with you, and use it in your room, But what is really nice is when u both LOL be on the puter at the same time.(if You Both Love Puter). I am so Happy u and Shawna are doing so well, I am still in this bad hole, I can't seem to climb out of, I want to sooooooooo bad, and I know I got to take the first step.. H.A.G.O.

  2. Hi Debi, I see u changed your page, well after reading your blog then going to Shawna's, I feel so much better.By the way I been meaning to tell u I love your Pic. thats Neat, it looks like saying here I go on my Journey and I am ready..It looks so Postive, I need to feed my brain with good things and stop looking at the Negative. I need your prayers,I am at my Biggest I have ever ever been.

  3. Hi Debi~ Yes I did read what Myrna's e-mail, I have read it in Dr. Phil's(My Mentor, and his wife Robin) Book, by the way, which I have, But it did hit home again.and that is the way it is with me. Yes I like Dr Oz. too (He is like a Dr. Phil, only he is Dr. Oz. He knows his stuff.. I did get Oprah's last Mag. (about her gaining weight) I just have not looked at it yet.