Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday~My day off.......Yea

Well today is my day off, so I've had my oatmeat, did my walking, took Remy for a walk to the end of our road , and got Frank off to work. So now I need to start cleaning but thought I'd write on here first. Got a little booklet from work last nite on the Biggest Loser. Its pretty interesting. Its got some recepies that look pretty good in it. Frank is going to the Library tomorrow so I asked him to see if they have the BL cook book. Plus Im going to make me a log where I can make copies of it and every day check off if Idrank my water, had my fruits & veggies and proteins and so on. Been wanting to do this for awhile. Oh yea and if I did my walking. I heard John Tesh last nite say some mistakes you make when you are working out. One is that you shouldn't do the same exercise all the time cause your body will get used to it and stop burning cals. He said like if your walking on a Treadmill do it for 3 weeks then do something else. So I thought I should get the Trampoline out and do that every so often. Ok then, well its cold out but the sun is shinning so thats nice. Have a great day. And probably see you again later.! Bye

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