Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Beautiful Traverse City...........

Hello all, just wanted to stop by for the night to see how everyone is doing. Had a good day, ate healthy at work then got here to TC and found out they have a resturant attached and you could order from your room. So of course thats what we did. Ymmm everything looked good and Frank told me he was haveing a BBQ sandwich so I seen a turkey melt so I had that and a salad that was huge. It came with frys and I only ate a couple of them and told Frank to eat the rest. So it was very good and Im so happy that I didnt do worse. The sandwich had a lot of turkey and tom. & lettuce on it so I dont think it was to bad. So in the morning there is a delux breakfast so I hope Im strong. One good thing is they have an exercise room and Im going to try and go in the morning while Frank is at the Dentist. Ok getting kinda of sleepy so will talk to you tomorrow. Keep going everyone, Even if you slipped, just start from there. Love you all.


  1. YAY! I am proud of you!
    mmmm french fries..seems like forver since i had

    So your getting sleepy at 6:31pm?? is your time off? ( that is what your blog time stamp says. )

  2. Thats weird on the time, I was going to say, we didn't even get into TC till 7. Hmmm weird.