Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well did you wonder where I've been? I guess I just took a break. But I'am backkkkkk. So Ive been doing my new calorieking thing, where I enter everything I eat and it adds the cals, carbs, etc. It is really cool I tell ya, I sent Shawna & Donna the site, Did you even bother to look at it, huh? did you???? Im telling you, its more then that, its a whole bunch of stuff, It does cost $9 a month but only 7 amonth if you pay 75 up front. Its worth it. According to them I can have up to 1400 cals a day. So we will see. So Poor Remy had his surgury today, Frank brought him home and we layed him on the couch and he just plopped. Been sleeping since 4:30. Poor baby. So ok well hope you all are doing well. Byeee

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  1. Hi Debi
    I was wondering if u droped off the face of the earth, Shawna too, I was wondering If I did say anything,and u wasn't leaving any comments. I was getting ready to call, We have been packing, Packing, and Packing, Ron more than me, I feel so bad for him sometimes, Please Pray for us, for strenght and our aches and pains for this move, it has been hard on all of us. Tawnya helps when she is off, I feel bad when she has a day off, she helps us.Debi, I don't think I got a e-mail from u about King cal. thing. I know I have heard about before but don't remember seeing a e-mail from u.