Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well ok then!

Good Morning! Well I feel better now, I dropped those 2 lbs again. I stayed under my 1200 cals so that was good. I think this will help alot. I keep reading how important it is to keep track where you see what your eating and I think that is probably true. You guys have to get that book Eat This, Not That. I was reading it last nite and I just love it. It is going to be so helpful. You will be amazed at some of the things in there. Frank was reading his book and I kept bugging him saying listen to this... So how are you guys feeling today Shawna? Is the worst over? Has it went to Troy & Rog yet? I hope you guys are feeling better. How about you Donna? Hows the pain. It was really good talking to you last nite. Well I hope you all have a better day. See ya!


  1. Good Morning! I like that Pic. so Cherry, My Bird Calendar I got for Christmas Has a Hummingbird on it is with a yellow flower, I can't wait for Spring and see flowers and all of it, weather too. I did not go to church, my pain is still there not as intense, but sore and sore to the the touch.. Thanks for being a Mentor Debi to me and yes it was good talking to u too, we need to do that more often espically that it doesn't cost anything, I think I will see if Walmart sometime has that Book.. Have A Sunny day, It is sunshing. :O)

  2. Hey momma, well since we just got off the phone with each other, your questions are all answered. :)

    My sides are aching really bad form all the sorry to much info. alrighty talk to you later.