Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great Thursday

Well Hello my fellow dieting buddies! Hows it going? Well I'll tell you how I did today, if I may. I had my morning cereal with blueberries, so good you need to try it. Then I just nibbled on my cheese & V-8 and crackers, but for supper I made pork chops and baked sweet potato & asparagus the way you told me Shawna, with the olive oil & sea salt. Let me tell you---- it was a very good dinner. And I walked twice today. And did some strength training too. And Im only up to 740 calories for the day. Tomorrow is weigh in day . Oh yea I almost forgot, my blood pressure is finally going back down too. So thats makes me happy. Oh and one more thing, this ones really great, Our district Rite Aids may go back to their old hours of 9-9 and on Sunday 10-6. That would be so awesome. Ive always said with this Petoskey being a resort town they should have summer & winter hours. So we should be hearing something about that soon. So ok then I think thats all so Have a very nice night. Make sure if you didnt, to check my replies back to you on my comments. Chow

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