Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Monday

So Hello again, How do you like this guy? He's kinda ugly! So had a pretty good day, Work went quick, then stopped and got a couple of things at the store. Had to get me some V-8 . Top 10 things you need to eat every day according to my book and one is tomatoes or he said V-8 or tomato juice too. I know, but dont know how or why drinking the V-8 helps me lose but I drank it everyday when I lost the last 25 lbs. So Im going to start again, Today! So did you have a good time looking at your new home Donna? Thats pretty exciting. Shawna you get better quick! I miss seeing you on here. Okee Dokey, Off to find me something to eat..... A fruit of course!!!!

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