Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day

I heard on the radio that it was flag day. So Happy Flag Day everyone. Just got home a little while ago from taking Rodger to the airport. He landed back in Ga. when I hit Gaylord exit. So thankful he was able to be home for a little while and that he made it back safely. Now to start getting ready for our Tenn. trip. Cant wait to see everyone. Ok have a good nite all.


  1. Hi Debi~
    U wanted to know about if I am taking my laptop, Well Does Santa Claus have a beard LOL Yes, I am taking it, even if it sits on my lap the whole way there. If u go to Tawnya's Blog u can see her car, from her accident, Praise God, She was not hurt she was on her way to work.