Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday, June 26,2009

This is a great pic of you & Ron, Donna. I didnt get a lot of pics like you guys & Shawna, so post them on here or face book and I can send them to my pics and then use them as my desktop pics. If you email them to me it doesnt work. Tomorrow I finally get to sleep in. I have to work the weekend but nites. This is a nice pic of you & Troy too, Shawna, I just wish that straw wasnt there, trying to go up Troys nose. LOL

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  1. LoL too, I know it looks like the straw is going up Troys nose,good pic tho.and of Mandy & Hollyanna.they all are good. I have to admit that, that pic of Ron & I is one I think turned out pretty good.It is one of the better ones. take Care. love ya, donna