Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well I havent cried yet about my hair but I bet I might in the morning when Im trying to get it ready for work. I hope I get used to it or Im in trouble! So will be back in Flint to drop off Rog Sunday but have to head right back as I wont get home till 8:30-9:00. Then I will turn around and be back down Wed evening. I have to work till 3 that day Donna, then we'll have to go to bed early so we can leave at 3-4 in the morning. That will be a tough one. So do you know if Tawnya is going yet. Oh yea Troy & Shawna are coming in on Thur. nite now so I went ahead an got our room early. Okey dokey bye for now.


  1. aww momma don't cry about it! It looks fine, it will be nice and cool for the summer!

    You will literaly be able to drive that route with your eyes closed!

  2. Hi Debi~
    Like Shawna said, it will be alright,and if it makes u feel any better, it will grow back out.A haircut always looks better after a couple of weeks anyway..If Tawnya can get the neigbor lady to watch the cats she is going to come, Scott had 2 weeks off and naturally, he goes Monday..